Turf & Plant Management

New Jersey Plant & Turf Management and Organic Pest Control

Fertilizer, Weed & Pest Control

Organic Pest Control NJ

Genesis Turf and Landscape Management Company responds to your lawn’s needs with the highest quality service. We provide a combination of weed control and fertilization treatments designed to target every lawn care issue, as well as comprehensive plant and shrub care.

This careful attention to your property means that you’ll enjoy a greener, more weed-free lawn as well as improving and maintaining the color, vigor, and aesthetic beauty of your plants.


Organic Lawn Care:

All services will be delivered by a professionally-trained specialist who lives and works in your area and knows all about the lawn care that’s best for you. In addition to Fertilizer applications, Genesis can provide insect & disease applications to help ensure the health of your lawn.

Plant & Shrub:

Genesis plant management also provides comprehensive plant and shrub care. We have crews dedicated to maintaining your plants. Whether it’s trimming and pruning or fertilizer applications, Genesis does it all. We care for your plants so you can enjoy their natural beauty without any hassle.

Additional Services:

Organic pest control, flea & tick control, soil conditioning, core aeration, soil testing, high calcium lime applications, over seeding.